Time Program/Team Running time Place
상설전시 3.7 dimensional travelproject GRIGO 15min T3
Intersection CalculationJIJIBUJIN T2(1F)
GUIRONA-20123 T2(2F)
16:00 k-Revolution Tool WorkshopRevolutionary Group 90min 설비동 (B1)
16:30 A folded-paper cranemeercat 40min 나무데크
Do not enterYu-hee 30min T6
17:00 Hitler's reincarnationHeeHee 30min T2(1F)
17:30 Play: The PlaceGOMU 60min T0
18:00 SalesNew Strong 30min T2(1F)
18:30 This is not a MatchboxCreative art group 'Project 520' 75min 설비동 (B3)
19:00 Do not enterYu-hee 30min T6
19:30 Hitler's reincarnationHeeHee 30min T2(1F)
breathePark Hye Rang 30min 나무데크
20:00 <FXXK LIFE>Next to Earth 40min T6
Play: The PlaceGOMU 60min T0
Human : In front of the endSTUDIO 212 40min T2(2F)
20:30 a dayCalm friends 30min 설비동 (B1)
21:00 QRASOQRASO 40min 프린지살롱
^Go alone like the horns of an ox^Diving Line 30min T2(1F)