Reserve your place in advance!
  • Reservation is required to view performances with limited audience. (You can check out the performances that require reservations in advance at the 'Performance Schedule' in the on the homepage.)
  • Advance reservations can be made at the festival site on the day of the performance.
How to get Advance Ticket
  • Reservations can be made in front of the place of the performance you want to reserve, 1 hour and 30 minutes before the performance begins!


General Tickets
1- day pass 30,000won
Festival pass 80,000won

(8/15-8/18, All-day pass)

Discounted Tickets
Fringe Mania 18,000won

Any merchandise products, brochures & leaflets from previous Seoul Fringe Festival must be shown at the Box Office

Fringe Junior 15,000won

Anyone born between 2000~2011
- Upon receipt of the performance day, it is necessary to check the supporting documents (student ID card, health insurance card, passport, resident registration copy, etc.)
- If you can not confirm the documents, pay the difference.

SNS Event 25,000won

Follow-up, authentication shots, and tag missions can be discounted upon completion.

Mapo local discount 20,000won

ID card(residents) or
business card(workers) required

Disabled 20,000won

Visitor's supporting documents (welfare card)
Include one accompanying guest

Groups (over 5 people) 20,000won

Automatically discounted when purchasing ticket online if over 5 people

Artists 15,000won

Limited to artist self. Proof of art works (Artist card, printed leaflet/brochure, etc) required at the Box Office

How to purchase

Seoul Fringe Festival Official Website
  • You can purchase tickets online on our official website after register.
  • You can pay by card or bank transfer.
  • Ticket purchase is available until 17:00, a day before your date of visit.
  • In case of bank transfer, if not transferred until 20:00 a day before your date of visit, the ticket booking is automatically cancelled.

Application of two or more discount conditions not available.
Under 7 years old, it is free of charge, but please note that some of our performances may have a age limit.

Box Office
Seoul Fringe Festival Box Office
  • Located at the North Square of the Seoul World Cup Stadium
  • You can purchase tickets at our Box Office, opens at Wed-Sat: 15:00, 1 hour before the programme starts (Tue-Fri 17:00, Sat-Sun: 15:00) by cards and cash.
  • Non-refundable and non-changeable on the date of visit.

Application of two or more discount conditions not available.
Under 7 years old, it is free of charge, but please note that some of our performances may have a age limit.

※ Please not : There is not enough parking space, please use public transporation if possible. (Only paid parking available)
[Ticket Collection]
  • Tickets booked online can be collected from Wed-Sat 14:00 on your date of visit at our Box Office, located at the North square of the stadium.
  • All types of discounted tickets, if not provided required proof of discount at the box office, should be paid in full price.
  • When collecting group tickets, whole set of tickets should be collected altogether, with the proof of ID of the person reserved tickets.
[Refund Policy] Online tickets
  • Tickets are refundable until 17:00 a day before your date of visit, and non-refundable or non-changeable after 17:00.
  • In case of bank transfer, the amount of refunded price will deduct remittance charge. (usually 500 won)
  • Festival Pass is non-refundable after the beginning of the festival.
  • Partial cancellation of group tickets is not allowed.
On-site tickets
  • All tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable on your date of visit.