Time Title / Team Running Time Place
14:00 Fringe Speaks Out Blacklist 3: The Black LetterSeoul Fringe Festival 연희_공간 파도
17:00 A Censored EmotionHue-chan 40Min 신촌_극장 PLOT(구 1M SPACE)
19:00 XXmuii 20Min 신촌_신촌, 파랑고래 3층 꿈이룸홀(실내)
20:00 Here, the actors run endlessly.menana 50Min 신촌_극장 PLOT(구 1M SPACE)
Everything in its right placeTwo Hours In Land 60Min 신촌_신촌문화발전소
The First Men in the MoonTimeAngle 60Min 신촌_아트스페이스 블루스크린
My grandchild's fiancee is coming to my house (A reading performance)Troupe ‘The Outsiders’ 60Min 연희_연희예술극장