The Tagger Project PAN

  • Running Time :90Min
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    One night in the upper stream of the Han River, where there is no foot, three people come to perform Salpuri. They discover each others, and then tell their stories while waiting for the shaman.

    "What if I don't get accepted?"
    "Why do I have to live like this?"
    "What should we do? What should I do?"

    After wandering and meeting somebody, they ask themselves questions and find the answer through each others' stories.

    "You need to hold your hands with the one next to you, by connecting your hands to the cloth."

    ※ This performance includes portrayal of hate speech and destroying livestock. Please be careful before booking and watching the show.
    ※ Auditory information is provided in Korean subtitles in all performances, and there is a voice commentary describing the stage and the characters before the show begins.
    ※ The location of "Muak Theater" is 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, on the 4th floor of the Student Center.
    ※ There is an entrance for wheelchair audiences in the building.

  • Group

    'Project PAN' is a project team of Togul, the theater group of Yonsei University's College of Social Sciences.

  • Performer & Staff

    Producer / Song Jinwoo
    Assistant Producer / Kang Eunbin
    Director / Seo Jueun
    Assistant Director / Kang Jiyoon
    Assistant Director / Cha Chae-eun
    Dramaturg / Kim Heungjun
    Set Designer / Lee Jungmin
    Lighting Designer / Kim Juyoung
    Sound Designer / An Hakyung
    Prop Manager / Shim Yunseo
    Media Designer / Kim Seungsu
    / Kim Hayeon
    Actor / Park Yura
    / Ahn Sehee
    Actor /
    Actor / Ahn Sehee
    Actor / Kim Hayeon