reverse reality project - ARTWORKER SPACE

  • Running Time :60Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    In the virtual near future, everyone's memories must exist as data codes.
    Some people who do not want their memories to be coded disappear spontaneously, but eventually they are in a position to have their memories coded by the system.
    Despite their efforts to engrave their existence rather than coding by disturbing whether it is real or fake memory, the distorted coding work spreads to the public as a lie suitable for taste and taste, and the lie is reproduced as a new fact.

  • Group

    Art Walker Space is a creative group to a new artistic horizon through the combination of various genres.
    Artists, music and video artists, as well as directors and actors, gather together to make efforts to become a venue for contemplating the genre and for experimenting with art.

  • Performer & Staff

    director / Jeon chang hoon
    PD / Lim sun ae
    ACTOR / Chae Song A
    ACTOR / Lee Dong Hoon
    ACTOR / Park Hyun Young
    VJING / pano, park
    DJING / Heo Yoonsuk
    STAGE DESIGN / Jung, Ji Eun
    INTERACTIVE / lee chae won
    GUITARIST / Son young jin
    ACTOR , SYNTH / young woo cho