On - eyes - Off <30SF=

  • Running Time :50분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    'On - eyes - Off' is an audiovisual performance that takes a dramatic composition. This performance talks about the universe and time, and the inner mind and social relations. The performance induces you to sense various things that you normally have just in your head. The main character is from 2500. The story begins on the premise that the character has developed his abilities in many ways and become all-around. Even he can sense that he has a micro brain tumor. As most of his body is made of machines, he nearly lives eternal life.
    In such a long life, he has been able to do anything. He becomes to think that all things are boring. But there is one thing he still can't do. It's about eyes. That is the only one that he couldn’t conquer. Only the moment of confronting eyes properly, dopamine is released into his perfect body. In his monologue, he suddenly asks such as 'Why do you live?','What is your future hope?','Why do we exist?' and 'How long do you think you will live?'
    As an attempt to break the frame, this performance uses a visual projection moved by performer, reflective mirror and glass to distract the images with sensory sound.

  • Group

    30sf is a Inter-Arts collective group that performs with video based on experimental sound. Currently, we are trying to make a dramatic stage performance with sound and visual. With a concept of a traveler who travels through the universe, we tell about the realm of unknown, dream and zen. We have performed Sinchon Cultural Power Plant, Sinchon Street Art Festival, cultural space Yujae, and So moon.

  • Performer & Staff

    Actor, Vocal / Choi young woo
    Producer / Kim dong hwan
    Visual operator / Han sol
    Music, Sound operator / Shin yonghee