Almost Fringe : MicroForum

  • Description

    A small-scale art talks, MicroForum
    Festival’s artist suggest topics for each forum and lead the session. The program generally covers what contemporary artists think and feel.

    Section 1 : Eco-friendly production, How far can we go? Eco Fringe
    Gyohee Baek (Seoul Fringe Festival)|8. 17(Wed) 10:00|Enough Lounge B1

    Section 2 : Can Art/Artists survive on their own? Survival and the Art
    Se-hee Ahn (Project PAN)|8. 18(Thu) 13:00|Enough Lounge B1

    Section 3 : Fringe, Where should it go? Fringe’s past, present and the future
    UNIQUE YOUNG BAND|8. 25(Thu) 13:00|Enough Lounge B1