Rabbit's Running 2 Y creative lab

  • Running Time :20Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    The rabbit ran and said,
    "Oh, my God! It's going to be too late!
    I'm busy. Busy!"
    I fell into a dilemma, "What's like me?" This concern was gnawed at the tail. You might want to ask what my ultimate goal is. We worked so hard together, but at some point, I was thinking about where I was headed and what I was going to do
    We came to think that the busy moving clock rabbit in Alice in Wonderland and Alice looking at where the rabbit was heading looked like us. We use the image of a busy clock rabbit and Alice looking at it as a motif to convey the worries we want to talk about in movement.

    This work is the first to try various methods (picture, acting, and singing) that we have not tried while taking it based on movement.
    Yoon Eun-ok and Woo Tae-wook co-directed it together, and you can find two movements that are the same theme and story, but different.

    Part 1- Directed by Yoon Eun-ok & Woo Tae-wook, Dancer: Yoon Eun-ok
    Part 2- Directed by Yoon Eun-ok & Woo Tae-wook, Dancer: Woo Tae-wook
    (Dancers may vary depending on the situation. Please refer to it.)

    This work will involve a little audience participation.

  • Group

    It is a team where each person's own small thoughts gather to make a story and express various movements with the body in various ways.

  • Performer & Staff

    Performer(choreographer) / Yoon eunok
    Performer(choreographer) / Woo taewook
    director / Yoon eunok
    director / Woo taewook
    music director / Ryan Cross