Red Room Drama thearer hyun

  • Running Time :60Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    person pole, red room

    The red room is full of books and clothes.
    The woman in it is alone.

    A woman who tears and reorganizes books because they are silverfish.
    Conflicting and unable to discard even rotting food in the refrigerator.
    Also a woman who looks across the branches of clothing and tears them apart.

    For the sake of another life that I haven't tried so far, I even put on my first pointed shoes and stage a fashion show.

    What exists is always together.
    The flowers on the walls just exist quietly and in silence.
    Sometimes the flowers are blown up by the wind, bowing their heads and pushing their heads.

    Not for a moment will you leave us, not by my side~
    Who really didn't leave?

    In the end, I was like, 'So far,
    You have to revisit to yourself who you were with,

    It's the story of a person who peeks at himself.

  • Group

    Drama theater “HYUN” was founded on the purpose that our play works could come up in all the audience’s mind as memorable ones they want to see again.

    People live as not only audience also the existence who must live together with others. They have to dispel the thread of relations which they confront everyday. Between individuals and a member of society, people have to face countless results from the continuous conflicts, as a small being in huge nature as well.

    Though incomplete beings, people know that the point of solutions is not from others but from themselves, their own hearts.

    Therefore, Drama theater “HYUN” will run to the goal seeking for the true answer of the questions which might be derived from all relationships and human psychology

  • Performer & Staff

    direction / hyun hae sook
    actor / Hong seu youn
    staff / kozawa yumi
    staff / kozawa masanori
    staff / min soung wook
    staff / zun young zoon
    staff / kim youn soo
    staff / joung soo zin