Bamseom every Bam Pop-up Theatre Elbowroom

  • Running Time :80Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    “How did we end up here— dancing on the surface when the evening comes?”
    “Have we been dancing all this time? Is this not a protest?”

    This is a story of displaced beings who lost their homes from war. When the sun disappears and the evening comes, these beings put on their earphones and moves to the beat of 80’s disco music. They dance and shout quietly through the night, making no sound to not disturb their neighbours. “Extinction” is not when my body disappears but when the space that my body occupies vanishes.

  • Group

    We are interested in ordinary and small things. Imagine a theatre that mingles with the Earth’s ecosystem. Exploring the form of Pop-up Theatre, we've been creating performances with stories popping up in various spaces.

  • Performer & Staff

    Gathering worker / Gyeol
    Normal worker / Seunghyeok choi
    Slow worker / Jeongyeon on
    Easy worker / Minho park
    Co-worker / Jinwoong jeong
    Music composition worker / Jimin byun