see-saw Project-Moin

  • Running Time :15Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    What is my nature? People have a nature for each individual, and there are various aspects of it.
    The nature can be seen differently by the surroundings and does not exist either side. It can not be defined as 'good' or 'bad'. Even water at the same temperature is cold for anyone, and warm for anyone. Thanks to someone who says I am cold, I can get hot, and thanks to someone who says I am hot, I can get cold. As such, we have something that depends on something that is opposite to me, and so we can shine more clearly.
    What am I now relying on?

  • Group

    Project Moin is a group based on modern dance, and approaches the audience with familiarity and familiarity through everyday materials. The main theme in the work is inspired by various viewpoints of individuals looking at objects or events, and it is melted into modern dance works by embodying the viewpoint. Although it is a modern dance-based organization, I would like to approach dance with various expression methods and witty development methods that are not limited to the genre of 'dance'.

  • Performer & Staff

    choreographer / Shin soljee
    dancer / Lee jeongmin
    dancer / Lee gaeun
    dancer / KIm jeongwon