Song of J―Josefine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk Hello Circle

  • Running Time :50Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    There's a race of mouse here. The only singer who sings in the non-singing mice, and her name is Josefine. One day, a young mouse inadvertently whistled along Josefine while she was singing. To the mice, it was no different than the song of Josefine or the whistle of a young mouse. However, the mice clan hissed and booed and shut the little mouse's mouth. The adult mice thought that the little mouse would have been discouraged by the shame if they had not done so. But really? Let's hear the story of a young mouse.

  • Group

    is a project group that Kwon Seo-ryeong X Youn So-hee X Han Ji-hye gathered to continue their steady creative activities.
    We pursues a flexible and loose community and expects new encounters with others.
    In these days, we are thinking about female actors, animals, and the climate crisis.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor / Kwon Seoryeong
    actor / Baek Jongmin
    actor / Lee Eunsong
    actor / Jang Seulgy
    actor / Hong Yoongi