Let's walk on the surface of our hearts oxmlox

  • Running Time :-Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    It's an extended exhibition of "The Surface of the Heart"
    We are going to show you a composite art exhibition that combines visual artist Lee Min-ah's overall work on visual art and DJ Yuna's DJing.

    It is an exhibition of omnibus-style experimental movies, paintings, sculptures, and music that appear in movies.
    The exhibition is open permanently, and the opening time is 3 o'clock and the closing time is 9 o'clock.

    The DJing time is 30 minutes, and the time is like this
    August 23rd is 8:30 to 9pm
    On the 24th and 25th, 8pm to 8:30pm

    is a project that implies the preciousness and beauty of various emotions floating in the mind.
    I think expression is the surface of the mind first of all.
    So I painted 100 different forms of colorful creatures with different facial expressions.
    That is, I changed various emotions into living things A lot of emotions are telling each story.
    The series of works is characterized by a strange harmony of works in contrasting colors.
    I started this work with a dream of a harmonious world where I can cherish various emotions and understand each other's minds.

  • Group

    Hello, I'm a visual artist, Mina lee (oxmlox).
    and I am also a collector of pieces of mind. a maker of fantasy playgrounds
    I am working on visual arts while dealing with various genres.
    I am creating a surreal work that stimulates people's various senses by creating a virtual story and translating it into reality.
    So I always put in my artwork five senses. (visual, tactile, auditory, taste, and smell)
    Looking for and exploring materials with various physical properties, I'm painting a virtual world that I want to create.
    I collect small moments and situations that pass by in reality. Especially invisible gas, and sound. It also captures psychological factors.
    Based on this, I add images to surreal images.
    If you are curious about the details of my work, you can refer to my site.


  • Performer & Staff

    Artist / Oxmlox
    DJ / Simyuna