Let's Go To My Star Episode 1 Project New Planet

  • Running Time :80Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    From the Planet Hell Rah-Rah, Doo-Doo and Sup-Sup-i came to South Korea. They have lived with humans for ten years, experienced new cultures, and felt great pleasure. However, they also felt compassion for humans who suffered and were excluded from various issues of the global society. The Hell tribe, who highly valued human beings, believed that if humans lived in a society where multiple values were respected and were free from value criteria focused on 'economic rationality', they would expand their potential and live more pleasantly. Rah-Rah, Doo-Doo and Sup-Sup-i used their transcendent abilities to and present an alternative planet 'Genesis' where humans could safely experiment with the possibilities of a new society without worrying about their livelihood.
    “You have obtained a chance to migrate to the planet Genesis. It takes a year to travel. You can return to the Earth anytime. Would you like to go to the Genesis?”

    To develop the concept of 'epic theatre' by Bertolt Brecht into 'post-epic theatre', this piece experiments with the dramaturgy of ‘having a narrative and overcoming it simultaneously’. It provides new experiences that can only be enjoyed in theatres, such as storytelling that breaks away from traditional narratives, metaphysical movements, and combining chorus songs, dances, and videos. This piece also takes a serious look into the challenges facing humanity today by sharing the awareness of issues in contemporary society.

  • Group

    'Project New Planet' is a theatre company which produces a trilogy of theatre pieces by creating original alien sub-characters.

  • Performer & Staff

    Performer, Writer, Video·Sound Designer / Ahryen Choi
    Performer / Jun Sub Byun
    Performer / Du Hwan Park
    Art Director / Hye Jeong Lee
    Lighting Director / kyu Yeon Hwang
    Line Producer / Seungeun Cha
    Visual Director / Heejung Hwangbo
    Text Advisor / Min Ju Han
    Graphic Designer / Jeong Bin Oh
    Photographer / Eun Bin Oh
    Videographer / Sang Min Choi