SOMEWHERE play haeon

  • Running Time :60Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Jieun leaves the uncomfortable drinking party using the phone as an excuse. However, soon after, the phone was cut off and while thinking about returning to her seat, she ran into a suspicious man with a piggy bank package. A watch is placed on the seat of the man who quickly packed the fallen piggy bank. Jieun follows the man to open the door of a building to return the watch. Behind the door is a grocery store with a strange atmosphere. In a strange but somewhat familiar place, Jieun has time to face her true self and be honest with herself in that place.

  • Group

    Haeon is a creative group created for young artists who were unable to do creative activities due to lack of opportunities despite their ability and greed.
    It is a group of people who challenge, learn, and grow in various creative activities combined with non-major and major.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor / Kim Jisoo
    actor / Lee Dongjoon
    actor / Lee Jimin
    actor / Choi Jaehoon
    director / Yoon Yujin
    director team / Jang Eunseo
    director team / Yu Dayeon
    stage manager / Park Jinsong
    stage designer / Baek Seungwon
    stage designer / Park Hahyeon
    lighting designer / Lee Dongjoon
    lighting operator / Jeong Minyeong
    producer / Kim Jisoo
    sound operator / Kang Uyeong
    writer / Lee Yubin
    writer / Kim Seonyoung
    writer / Kim Jisoo
    writer / Park Jinsong
    writer / Baek Seungwon
    writer / Yoon Yujin
    writer / Lee Dongjoon
    song writer / Kim Hangyeom
    song writer / Yoon Yujin
    PR / Go Yeonu
    PR / Kim Gyurim
    PR / Kim Bogyeong
    PR / Moon Dajeong
    PR / Shin Dahyeon
    PR / Jeong Minyeong
    PR / Choi Jaehoon