Green Parrot heehee

  • Running Time :70Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    The story takes place in Paris, on the day of Storming of the Bastille which started the French Revolution.
    Prosper, who used to be a theatre manager, now hosts a play for lofty aristocrats in Paris every night at his tavern 'The Green Cockatoo.' It is no ordinary tavern and certainly not an ordinary play. One could say the saloon is full of criminals, and on the day of Storming of the Bastille, nobles who came to watch the play are suddenly threatened by actors.
    This play reflects the veiled reality. Actors perform impromptu scenes of crime as if they really are criminals, but the Parisian nobles who are surreptitiously watching the performance are not aware of the masquerade.
    Actors talk about fiendish things that they did or experience, which are acutally made-ups. This accomodates elegant and high-minded aristocrats' desire for thrill of sitting among the most dangerous Parisian low-lives. Theatre manager Prosper calls his audience 'pigs' or 'commoners,' in which they regard as a mere joke. However, Prosper waits for that day his joke becomes real.

  • Group

    TEAM heehee is a group formed around young actors who barely graduated from college and now have found what they want to do. We as actors are in the process of asking questions about what, how, and how far we can express, and expanding our boundaries through various dramatic attempts.

  • Performer & Staff

    director / Jo yong joon
    actor / Kim chang joon
    actor / Kim yun bin
    actor / Jung tae hoon
    actor / Cheon park
    actor / Choi ji woong
    actor / Choi so yeon
    actor / Kim ji hawn
    Scenic arts / Park yu rim
    Public Relation / Ryu ilhwa