inter-view AKZL

  • Running Time :Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    From the moment we start questioning ‘Where to belong?', we subjectify the question to re ask others ‘Where I belong?’
    Through the interviews ', AKZL’s work conducts a process of experiencing others’ perspectives to understand AKZL, themselves. Further to this, it is to understand and explore one another, acknowledging differences between them.
    AKZL intends to find own social, mental, and physical statuses with the audience through their artwork at the end.

  • Group

    AKZL was formed by creators residing in France and Korea for the single goal of'Interdisciplinary Artt' in 2019. The name of AKZL was initially made out of pronouncing "vas-y" (to go), a french word in Korean on french keyboard set. AKZL believes that creators of various genres can become art based on Interdisciplinary Art, beginning and meeting, process and communication, cooperation and overcoming.

  • Performer & Staff

    stylist / Su Young Jang
    Performer / Bora Kim
    Artist / Jiyoung Son
    Artist / Dasom Oh
    Interaction Artist / Junwoo Kim