Container MUHAE

  • Running Time :70Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    In a container box in the university where protests against the abolition of the dance major are taking place.
    Sunmi, who is working hard to survive, hears that her friend and Eunbyul who is residual ghost in the container box ascends to heaven. Eunbyul chose to marry her classmate Gahee to resolve her resentment in this world, and asks Sunmi to come to her wedding. While Sunmi was helping them prepare for their wedding, she noticed Gahee's secret and found out that she was using Eunbyul....

  • Group

    MUHAE is a group of artists aiming for a stage that does nothing harm.
    It's a sensous story, trying to find excitement and fun in its harmlessness.

    We're not the perfect people. Knowing the shortcomings and learning constantly is the method we have chosen for 'MUHAE'.

    We do art. It seems to be harmless to you.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor, director / Jang Ji su
    actor, subdirector / Park Bo Yeon
    actor / Lee Seung Yeon
    writer / Lee Soo Jin