Home Sweet Home COMMA

  • Running Time :Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    This project is an interactive electronic music performance. It is like a “music record” about the space each one thinks of. This work focuses on the meaning and identity of thee space by certain elements.

    The work divided into three parts. Before meeting the audience on the Fringe, the music that expresses our respective spaces, the music of the space that various people we met on the Fringe taught us, and the music made by recalling the space of Fringe itself.

    The audience is given a “questionnaire on personal space(House)”. In response to a given question, the audience checks ‘Very yes, yes, normal, not so, very disagree’, and solves their usual thoughts an feelings about the house. We give each sound by the question. Depending on the audience's response, variations such as the intensity, pitch, and tone of the sound are given, and the audience experiences the experience of listening to their own music for a short time.

    Waiting for the audience, we continue to adde recordings the sound and graphics about the ‘house’, and that will be shown by a beam projecter. It will give the immersive experience for each about “my house, home sweet home”.

  • Group

    'COMMA' plays electronic music that tests sound. He is interested in computer electronic music, collects and distorts various sounds, and makes music. In particular, she is studying music with interest and curiosity in interactive art that communicates with the present, thinks with people, and expresses it through music.

  • Performer & Staff

    music director / JUNG WON MOON
    music director / SEIN LEE