Time Leap: The Modern Girl's NADURI Nang Rang

  • Running Time :50Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Flower Wagon: Jinbangnam, 1942
    I am 17 years old: Park Dan-ma, 1938
    My older brother is a windbreaker :1938 Park Hyang-rim
    The Heart of Pure Love (with Thousand Years Long Live) 2020 Youth Band Nangrang
    The Praise of Death: Yun Shim-deok, 1926
    Tears of Mokpo: Lee Nan-young, 1935
    Chorip-dong: Ewha-ja in 1941
    Song of Hope: Park Chae-sun, Lee Ryu-saek, 1921

  • Group

    Hello, this is Nangrang Youth Band.

    Do you know Seoul in 1920? Cries of sorrow are heard here and there under the Japanese colonial rule.

    It is a sermon from the past, when people shouted for national independence in the face of persecution and oppression.

    The streets were divided into theaters with fast trains and tearful musical plays, gisaengs performing traditional music and singers singing popular songs.

    Music that solved our sorrow at the boundary between Korean traditional music and Western music.

    The youth band Nangrang is trying to revive the songs of the times of sorrow that we don't know well or are forgotten.

    Youth Band Nangrang is a five-member traditional Korean traditional music and modern trot band, led by vocalist Hae-soo Park and graduates of Seoul Institute of the Arts.

    The name is a homage to the best shodan [Nakrang Music Theater] of the time, where Park Hae-soo's father worked as the band leader, making use of the strengths of Park Hae-soo, the youngest member of the public.

    We aim to become a band that is loved by all generations with unique and rich storytelling and music of that era that utilizes the genre of the old trot original.

    Our parents, our grandparents. A stage reminiscent of their youth. music. things to see.

    Even if they turn on the TV right now, they are having a hard time with content that they cannot relate to and they cannot laugh.

    Their pleasure is probably the happiest to see an authentic trot stage like a song stage.

    When I see that song and that stage, I think of my youth.

    Have you ever imagined? The youth of my parents, my grandmother and my grandfather.

    Have you tried it? The love story of the popular songs of that time, modern girls, and modern boys.

    We do not know well, but grandmothers and grandfathers can hear the music of those days that comes to mind when they close their eyes

    The youth band Nangrang will just be heard.

  • Performer & Staff

    vocal / haesoo
    dagum / yena
    ajang / Junhyeok
    piri / Dongjun
    gayagum / milye