Space Measurer Hyph&

  • Running Time :60Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Project Space Measurer. The project aims to measure different aspects of a given space and encourage a sense of interaction between individuals and the space. An individual will approach as a huge measurer, sensing distinctive features within the space.

    ※ This performance takes place in exhibition area without any assigned seats, allowing every space to be existing both as a stage and a viewing area.
    ※ The exhibition hall has a limited capacity to a maximum of 10 people and opens for 1-hour at a time, following COVID-secure guidance.

  • Group

    Team ‘Hyph&’ was established in February, 2021 by three individuals with different artistic visions from performing arts. Trying on different new ideas without any type of restrictions, Team ‘Hyph&’ will be able to make another leap forward through the value of connection and harmony.

  • Performer & Staff

    Director / JAEGU YOO
    Space Designer / YEJUNE SEOL
    Space Designer / JEONGEUN SONG
    Assistant Director / SEOUNG CHULL KIM
    Producer / HYUNSUN HAM
    Performer / IREH CHOE