a day Calm friends

  • Running Time :30분
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    Sometimes you want someone to empathize you, being understand you.
    But you don’t want to get that much being honest.
    You wish someone to notice your mind without any words being straightly.
    We’re living with that mind in a contradiction.

    ※ This performance includes scenes with drinking.
    ※ This performance cannot be entered by delayed audiences, but exit is possible in any time.
    ※ The maximum number of viewers is 10.

  • Group

    Seon which means being calm, Woo which means being friends.
    I call it "Calm friends" as each letter of Seon Lee and Geonwoo Choi.
    I wish that I would make someone to being happy, even though we apart from each other.
    'We’re always being together.'

  • Performer & Staff

    writer/director / Seon
    assistant director / Cheongah
    music director / Jehoon Lim
    operator / SangBaek Jo
    actor / Gunwoo Choi
    actress / Seon Lee