stimualte and affection E-Meun

  • Running Time :35분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    BeomSeok is a reastaurant owner who intended to make food like his mother, to make customers remember the childhood food. However customers keep on complaining about the taste. In fact, one of the customers tells him to make it saltier, and then BeonSeok’s food became salty. But regardless of it’s saltyness the restaurant became famous.
    Beom Seok gets into a conference about the saltyness of the food. The conference starts to talk about moral rights and strats to find the cause of this salty food...

  • Group

    We, E-Meun group, look for the cause of current society’s issues and look at it in various point of views. By looking at various perspectives(opinions/point of views) on various issues we can discover new point of view in our daily life that has not been noticed by people. We research/study about it and try to reach out to the public through performances. We intend to make the audience think once more about things that they have not thought about. We are art co – creation group “E-Meun”

  • Performer & Staff

    dirctor / Lee,Byungho
    actor / Jung, Haesung
    actor / Kim,Taehyo
    actor / Kim,Dongji
    actor / Hong,Youjin
    actor / Kim, YoungHee
    actor / Park, JungEun
    actor / Park, HyunJung