Today’s cart bar DanDam

  • Running Time :30분
  • Rated :No one 18 and under admitted
  • Description

    Wrapping up a long day, people gathering in Pojangmacha(cart bar) for a drink, someone might be talking about an annoying subway during rush hour with their ties untied. Also, someone next to him/her may be alone in the pain of break-up. We all have our own stories.

  • Group

    Dandam has the meaning of ‘Dance Contains’ which means to capture dance art in the public and to capture dance through video.

  • Performer & Staff

    Video/Director / No-Sukwong
    Producer / Kwon-Soorim
    Dancer / Heo-Sunyoung
    Dancer / Kim-Sooyeon
    Dancer / La-Onbum
    Dancer / Park-Jiwoo
    Dancer / Shin-Chaerin
    Dancer / An-Subin
    Dancer / Jung-Yeajin
    Dancer / Choi-Moonsun
    Dancer / Choi-Soyoun
    Choreography / Heo-Sunyoung
    Dancer / Kwon-Soorim