Play: The Place GOMU

  • Running Time :60분
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    BB and BP are playing in the playground again today. In the dimmed playground after all of his friends left, BB and BP out to find a new playground. On a strange road, BB and BP have conflicts on their journey, and only BP goes on to find the playground. BP arrives at the new playground with the help of stones, abandoned umbrellas and fallen chairs which he met on his journey. What kind of dance will BP do in the playground where he arrived alone?

  • Group

    The story of Gomu starts from the most common place. We work with things that composes a daily life, and elements that we don’t focus inadvertently. People studying the fields of theater, music, Korean dance, and architecture gather to spaces, make stories, and reach people with the five senses.

  • Performer & Staff

    Director / KIM SUMIN
    Music Director / HONG SEOKYEONG
    Set Designer / LEE BOYEONG
    Motion Designer / JEON YEBIN
    Assistant director / Jeong Jaehak
    playwright / Choi Eun Ji
    Actor / Kwon YongChan
    Actor / Park Seoyeon
    Actor / Lee jaemin
    Actor / Jang ShinHee
    Actor / Jang Ji Won
    Actor / Jeong Jihyun