3.7 dimensional travel project GRIGO

  • Running Time :15분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    The audience will go on a very special travel offered by ‘another dimensional travel agency'.
    It's exactly 3.7 dimensional travel, not 3 or 4 dimensional. After the travel, the audience will return to the 3 dimension and share their thoughts on their travel.

    ※ It is interactive theatre for one audience.
    ※ It requires reservation on the site.

  • Group

    Project GRIGO practice the value of sense / imagination / direct experience.
    In order to exchange a keen sense with the audience, we break the boundaries between the audience and the stage.
    Project GRIGO is currently working on developing various play and visual arts based on theatre, as well as children's theatre.

  • Performer & Staff

    director / jeongeun Park
    director / eunhee Koo
    composer / beomjin Park
    ravel agent 1 / jeongeun Park
    ravel agent 2 / eunhee Koo