Protect the candle. Theater 2 Moments

  • Running Time :40분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Subject :

    body, poetry
    a poem read with one' body

    We remember things we don't know.

    #Wash #Pain #Habbing #Habbing #Habits #Effect #Grow #Ceiling #Ceiling #Ceiling #Ceiling #Ceiling down
    # Even though I'm sick of it # Then I'll still live
    Lim Young-sun - #Obsolute Chinese character #Obsolute person #Obsolute person #Obsolute
    Jeon So-eun - #Other #mirror #I'm on someone else's lips, not mine.

  • Group

    Theater 2 Moment is an organization that aims for living actor art.
    In the acting space, the goal is to allow the actor to communicate with other existing actors through the Body, and furthermore, the actor and the audience to interact with the "This Moment."
    To do so, we are conducting various experiments and training for actors using the concept of 'SOMATICS'. In addition, through the re-creation and creation of existing works, we discover and melt the ways for the actors to exist. Also, through art programs such as 'Visual Reading Meeting', we are trying to share the art experience with more people.

  • Performer & Staff

    artistic director / Seunghyun Hwang
    director / Byungsung Jeon
    actor / Jaehwa Geum
    actor / Yeerang Um
    actor / Bumtae Kim
    actor / Youngsun Lim
    actor / Soeun Jeon
    actor / CHOI kyunghun