Hitler's reincarnation HeeHee

  • Running Time :30분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Hitler reincarnates in an era that embraces the energy of war around the world with the Great Depression. Six representatives and executors are gathered in a conference room to decide whether to kill or save the young Hitler.They put forward their own logic and vote on whether to kill or save Hitler. Not just the question of whether to kill or save the reincarnated Hitler, but in the meeting, the individual 'I' shows things about what kind of choice to make. In addition to the representatives, the executor also appears, in which the executor will act upon the decision of the majority of the members.

  • Group

    People who love performing arts gathered together to show our work. Although it is not a formal organization, the love of art is greater than anyone else.

  • Performer & Staff

    Executioner / Lee Geon Hui
    Lawmaker1 / Park Ju Hyeok
    Lawmaker3 / Choi Yu Hui
    Lawmaker5 / Park Jae Hwi
    Lawmaker2 / Lee Seong U
    Lawmaker4 / Kim Min Seok
    Lawmaker6 / Kang Ye Jin
    Acoustic offer / Lee Bo Mi