Independent Arts Talk 11th with Independent Arts Webzine ‘IndienBob’ Eco Fringe Week

  • Description

    The forum reflect on contemporary independent arts and art ecosystem and discuss about the future. This year, Independent Arts Talk will talk about the arts and festivals in the era of Climate Crisis.

    Section 1|Climate crisis and Artists
    Host|Park Sang-Mi
    Panel|Jeong Jin-Sae, Jeong Chan-Mi, Han Yoon-Mi
    Date|2021.08.17. 15:00
    Location|Shinchon Arts Space, Studio Chang

    Section 2|Festival production in the era of climate crisis : Towards the future
    Host|Chae Min
    Panel|Seoul Fringe Festival(Baek Gyohee), Chuncheon International Mime Festival(Kang Young-Gyu), Seoulf Eco Film Festival(Kang Su-Jung)
    Date|2021.08.18. 15:00
    Location|Shinchon Arts Space, Studio Chang