slow walking&fourteen squad

  • Running Time :40분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Actors and musicians do their best preparing for the performance. The director appear, and the cast will be ready for the performance.
    But the rational, surreal director prepares them quickly, and then brings the curtain up on the performance.
    The casts, trying to shake between themself and the artist, their all the worries and worries gone, after the show begins .
    make-up, clothes, and music, they all entertain the casts.
    Are they entertainer, or are they themselves?
    But they leave it all behind and run to the end.
    All the cast members run to the end.

  • Group

    We're troupe slow-walking & 14 squared.
    Fourteen-squad bands and a troupe slow-walking team have come together in one mind for Fringe.
    Meet with music and theater! Let us introduce you as a musical play together.
    Troupe Slowly moving was formed by a meeting with alumni of Daegyeong University, and 14 squared formed of the 2014 fellow collage of the Hoseo Art College gathered together, and their group ran for one piece. Nice to meet You!

  • Performer & Staff

    directer,writing / Lee Seul
    sound directer / Park Gi Sung
    actor / Koo Dae Young
    actor / Nam Young Woo
    actor / Kang Seo Bin
    drumer&actor / Kang Pil Gu
    Bassist&actor / Choi Seong Ho
    Guitarist&actor / Lee Jae Won
    sound director / Go Hyeon Jae
    staff / Choi Yong seok