'The Artistic Guide to the Anthropocene' Workshop Series in ECO FRINGE WEEK Eco Fringe Week

  • Description

    Participants of three workshop series will naturally be contemplating on the climate crisis. This workshop series look into problems of the climate crisis in specific areas and search for potential solutions applicable in our daily lives.

    ※ Prior booking is required for all workshops
    ※ Number of participants can be modified in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

    Section 1|Board game for the Earth
    Easy and fun board game with subjects of ‘marine litter’ and ‘biodiversity’

    (Host: Design for the Earth, Kim Woo-Jin)
    Day 1 : Plastic Island (Recycling marine litter)
    Day 2 : Keystone (Biodiversity)
    2021.8.24.(Tue)|14:00 – 17:00| Shinchon Arts Space
    2021.8.25.(Wed)|14:00 – 17:00| Shinchon Arts Space

    Section 2|Geologic Bakery : Vegan Bread Workshop
    Let’s bake vegan bread with an artist!
    (Host: Geologic Bakery, An Death)
    2021. 8.26.(Thu)|14:00 – 17:00|Shinchon Arts Space
    ※ Due to COVID-19, it is difficult to eat inside the workshop space. Please bring a container to bring your bread home.

    Section 3|Beeswax Wrap Making Workshop
    By using unused clothes and fabric, this session makes beeswax wrap to reduce the usage of plastic bags.
    (Host: Market Balgyun)
    2021. 8.27.(Fri)|14:00 – 16:00|Shinchon Arts Space
    ※ Please bring any fabrics or old clothes after wash.