Independent art conference 9th Independent art conference with Independent Arts Webzin Indian Bob

  • Description

    Subject: One person, make a play with a system II
    Panel: Kim Eun-han, Sung Soo-yeon, Shin Kang-soo, Lee Han-sol
    chairperson: Chae Min (Independent Arts Webzin Indian Bob Editor)
    Date: 2019.08.21 (numeric) 14:00 A.M. Recreation Room in front of Culture Base T5.
    Host: Independent Arts Webzin Indian Rice, Seoul Fringe Festival

    In 2015, the Independent Art Conference gathered to talk about why one-person creators worked as a single person, the process of creating a single person, and how one-person creators relate to the audience. This year, under the same theme of "one-person," single-person creators who are "very" in different contexts are gathered. We're going to talk to them about the area where they're stepping on each other, and talk about where the intersection is, and what they're imagining.