Tango, your step in my mind Elena Paso

  • Running Time :20분
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    We are going to present the charm of the Argentine tango with tango music that is familiar to Koreans.
    There are several tango performances, along with the powerful Piazzola Liber Tango, the OST of the soft and sweet Scent of a Woman, and various tank tunes. You will see the improvision and diversity of the tango through the performances of different couples.

  • Group

    Elena Faso takes lessons in the Argentina Tango, which is called " Online Daum Cafe in Latin, " based on organic friendship, and operates with exciting and fun dance fees and other income for the development of members.

  • Performer & Staff

    director / Dagyo
    project / Today&day
    choreographer / Nuncamaco
    dancer / Pablo
    dancer / J
    dancer / Beyond
    dancer / Today&day
    dancer / Cassandra
    dancer / Max
    dancer / Marine
    dancer / Debbong
    dancer / Scarlett
    dancer / Horang
    dancer / Mooyoung
    dancer / Rebecca