JipGipZup The team will be disbanded soon

  • Running Time :40Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Different time zones nested in the same space
    The cup that I've never moved will be moved
    The three straight lines gradually overlap
    A straight line meets a straight line and becomes a curve
    The curve overlaps with the curve, and it's a mess

    *One voice commentator is available for the visually impaired

  • Group

    We are a team that has been active for 29 years since our foundation in 2017. While preparing for the 30th anniversary performance in 2022, there was a disagreement among the members about whether to peel tangerines from the top or the bottom when they ate them. Although it did not end this feud, it is polite to perform the promised performance, so Wee would like to put the team's 29 years of history behind it and perform the last performance.

  • Performer & Staff

    Co-director and Co-Choreographer / KimHaeun
    Co-director and Co-Choreographer / Imgitaekgwa
    Co-director and Co-Choreographer / HanAhreum
    Co-director and Dramaturgie / SooJeong
    Sponsor / Euno Park
    Performer / KimHaeun
    Performer / Imgitaekgwa
    Performer / HanAhreum