EBreaThing Creative SOOM

  • Running Time :60Min
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    Words that lingered in someone's mouth, tears that couldn't flow from someone's eyes, laughter that someone held back.
    This is a place where all the balloons filled with things that hasn't been released gather.
    There are 3 "Balloon keepers" who burst new balloons every day to listen to the stories in them.
    After listening to the story, the "Balloon Keepers" blow a large balloon and send it up to the higher sky.
    Hoping that someone will listen to them as well.

    ※ There are several balloon bursting scenes during the performance.

  • Group

    "Creative SOOM" stands for the meaning of "Show Our Own Moment". It is a creative group of young artists who want to remember every moment and breath of our lives and talk about it. Each member plays different roles for each project as a director, writer, actor, or PD to capture all of our stories in various ways and bring them on stage.

  • Performer & Staff

    Script/Director / Chang Ha Young
    Assistant Director / Song Hyebin
    Stage Manager / Yang Ui Yeol
    Stage Manager Assistant / Yoo Jihye
    Stage Manager Assistant / Kim Choa
    Producer / Chung Eunha
    Stage Designer / Chang Yun Hyuk
    Projection Designer / Kim Sangwan
    Light Designer / Han SungMin
    Sound Designer / Kim JoungHo
    Music / Kim Junho
    Cheoreography / Kim Seul Woo
    Photographer / Min Yebin
    Graphic Designer / Kim Jung Huen
    Operator / Kim Dae Hyun
    Cast / Kim Seul Woo
    Cast / Kim Yong Min
    Cast / Park Min Kyeong
    Cast / Park Seoyeon
    Cast / Seo Dong Jae
    Cast / Yang Ui Yeol