Suicide theater company Monster

  • Running Time :40분
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    There are two people who decided to die from emptiness, loneliness, and futility. Minsu and Youngji. They don't know if they're alone or with someone, if they're in the same space or in different spaces. But they start their own stories. Life stories, suicidal thoughts, thoughts... We don't know if they're listening or not.
    We reach our own conclusions. One decides to live with a bitter smile on all the emotions, thoughts, surroundings, and people around him, and the other one dies.

  • Group

    The 'theater company Monster has been continuing our creative activities based on
    'What's likely to happen around us, let's solve it in a play created by our imagination from the very ordinary day.'
    And not stopping there, if there's an error in social issue,
    Pinching from our eyes, we are also doing our best.

  • Performer & Staff

    Min-soo / Choi Dong-hwan
    Min-soo / Choi Moon-suck
    Yung- ji / Yun Soo-bin
    Yung-ji / Kwon Soo-gyung
    Director / Lee Gyung-geun
    Sub-Director / Yang Jin-woo
    Sound Director / Kim Won-je
    Manager / Oh Sang-hoon
    Manager / Hwang Sun-woong
    Manager / Park Dong-jin