Étoil, Most Brightning Star Étoile Saxophone quartet

  • Running Time :70Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    We plan to perform with the title of "Easy Classical Music" by mixing classical music that is easy for the public to understand, movie music OST, pop songs, and jazz music.
    We plan to interesting performances for the audience through various events, such as classifying the sound of each instrument through introduction of each instrument, and giving out small prizes through a song matching quiz by giving time to communicate with the audience in the middle of the performance. In addition, the second part consists of classical music to deepen the charm of classical music.

  • Group

    Our Étoil Saxophone Quartet is a classical saxophone quartet made up of K-Arts.
    All of the team members are from K-Arts, and have not only excellent skills and musicality, but also have the advantage of being a team that matches well with performance synergy and harmony because we have performed many performances together while at school.
    It is an ensemble team composed of soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone.
    Our team's music is based on classical music, and we express the charm of classical saxophone to the public by using a repertoire of various genres of music, including jazz, songs, movie music OST, and trot.
    Shall we immerse ourselves in the beautiful and powerful sound of classical saxophone?

  • Performer & Staff

    Soprano Sax / Been Jaehyun
    Alto Sax / Seo Haneul
    Tenor Sax / Lee tae rin
    Bariton Sax / Cho jun hyung