No Curtain Call Jeon Jemin

  • Running Time :40Min
  • Rated :No one 18 and under admitted
  • Description

    With a series of episodes, this play does not have a narrative or emotional catharsis.
    This play shows following things: the reality and the truth, the imaginary and the illusion. It is a performance and not a performance at the same time.

  • Group

    I am a person who is always thinking about what a play is, how it relates to reality, and how it is different from reality.
    Born in Seoul in June of 1997, I have been living in Seoul ever since. Seoul is a place where everything changes rapidly like, Seoul in 1997 is hard to find in Seoul in 2022. I want to discover what we are missing in a place like this through the very old thing called drama(play, theatre, etc...) and, if given the opportunity, I want to share what I found with people. Just as I felt as if my life was saved because of the drama, I have a grand dream with a humble heart that I want others to feel the same.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor / Lee Chan-Hee
    actor / Moon Inok
    actor / Lee Jaein
    writer / Jeon Jemin