life, people, love creative group

  • Running Time :65Min
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    "Seoyoung and Joohee are a lesbian couple. They're celebrating their 3rd anniversary. However, after arguing over the emotional problems they have accumulated over the years, they finally decide to take a break. They get advice from Jiwon on what to do... In the meantime, Joohee answered the phone. "What? Seoyoung attempted suicide?" Will they ever be happy with the belief that their lives with love?"

    The play illuminates social minorities such as sexual minorities, mentally ill, and victims of domestic abuse, and depicts their struggles for existence. The existence of who have been disregarded and otherized for countless times in the past in today's Korean society, where all kinds of hate and discrimination are pervasive in our daily lives. It is clearly demonstrated by reenacting the lives of those who are difficult to meet the conditions for a peaceful survival on the stage. We want to call them by name of each people. In the end, this work was produced with the goal of comfort and support for the marginalized and hurt.

  • Group

    is a theater creation group directly planned and organized by a young artist. The name 'yeah-GO!' is a combination of the Chinese word Yego (豫告), which means 'suggesting the future', and the English word, 'Let's move forward happily'. It contains aspirations. aims to continuously produce works that recognize and illuminate the problems of the socially disadvantaged, such as sexual minorities, the mentally ill, children and adolescents, and victims of domestic violence. Through this, we hope to support and contribute to a better tomorrow and a better society.

  • Performer & Staff

    planner, writer / Liive Lee
    producer / Seung-Yeon Seo
    actor / Ji-Hea Lee
    actor / Yohan Seo
    actor / Seo-Won Yun
    actor / Yu-ri Nam