Lively Impressive Project Yeseul Hall

  • Running Time :60Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    Lively Impressive Project is a project that completes ‘Teardrops in middle of shitty situation and a breakup’, which is an incomplete novel included in the indie publication “A Day which Anything Comes True”, and ‘Toothbrush Tangerine Society’ in a form of an exhibition and a play.

    ‘Teardrops in middle of shitty situation and a breakup’
    - Love lets us think we can understand anything. However, we might have met too late to expect so much from a power of love.

    ‘Toothbrush Tangerine Society’
    - Have you ever had an experience eating a tangerine after brushing your teeth?

    ※ The procedure starts with exhibition before the play, and a talk session with the actors after the play.

  • Group

    I work on bringing life to the cross section of the story that flows in my daily life.

    I want to feel the joy of communicating with you for as long as possible based on various expressions and imaginations that arise in a play where time and space are limited.

  • Performer & Staff

    producer / PARK YE SEUL
    Actor / HAN JU YEON
    Actor / KANG GYUNG WAN
    Novelist / SEO YOUNG
    Technical Director / LEE TAE HA
    Actor / JUNG HEE WON
    Actor / KWON OH RYONG