Oberösterreich Team Cheongdam-dong

  • Running Time :90Min
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    Ani and Heinz are newly married couples of three years. They earn money from each others work at the same company but different department and After work they return home to deal with their desires and lead a small life. Then one day, through an unplanned pregnancy, Ani and Heinz are at odds. Heinz recommends aborting because he feel harsh reality of life and afraid of loosing his life fantasy, but ani rejects the aborting with full hope of they can afford it.

    The main features advantage of this play is we can play this not only in theaters, but also in houses, or in spaces that can naturally melt into real life. Because conflicts between characters can be best revealed at the place of real life.
    With nothing but simple big tools, we can make audience imagine various space settings and locations even though there is only empty space.

  • Group

    Team Cheongdam-dong is a project team consisting of four actors. Although the first meeting was just nothing but a coincidence to the point where we named team name as the place name where we first met, we were impressed by respecting each others different personalities and tendencies. So we were formed to take this connection one step further from coincidence to inevitable.
    The goal is to achieve complete performance by co-creating with a group of only "actors." Actor who writes, actor who dances, actor who directs, and actor who plays musical instruments, they perform not only acting but also another different roles well together.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor / KIM JUN HEON
    actor / PARK JIN HYUN
    actor / LEE YE JI
    actor / JO HYE JIN