JOSEE AND ICHITO: Common and strange. Jellyfish on the verge of a nervous breakdown

  • Running Time :Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    What is the definition of a relationship? Is it inevitable or fortuitous for me and the people I'm with? Is there a standard for the closest person? How is your relationship standard today?

    To you who are concerned about a relationship,
    This space is decorated with truth and falsehood. Please come to see the stories about the relationship between Josee and Ichito.
    We have space for exhibitions, performances, and your story, please visit us a lot.

    Josee and Ichito

  • Group

    A group of jellyfish suffering in modern society.
    I often put on performances. Or something more like a performance.
    It talks about things on land under the water.

  • Performer & Staff

    writer, director / lilly jo
    actor, director / liji