What were you doing then? The Chang Chang

  • Running Time :90Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    “Small people” like you and I tell a “small story” in regard to what happened to each person on the day Ferry Sewol sank.
    "April 16th, 2014, what was I doing then?"
    I was practicing for musical performances in the practice room.
    I was dating in an amusement park.
    I was traveling abroad.
    I was looking for a part-time job.
    I was a high school student who heard the news in class and just watched the news.
    I was just taking a walk drowsily.
    I used to enjoy my daily life in a completely different place.
    Now, I bring out the memories of the disastrous incident that has remained like a scar regardless of the time spent since then.

  • Group

    The Chang Chang is a theater company created by young artists in their 20s and 30s, and pursues co-authorship and co-directorship. It is the organization whose main purpose of presence is to a fresh, new kind of performance.
    With members of different backgrounds and ways of expressions, the group seeks to find the most necessary means of expressions in this era.
    It was founded in hopes of our future being always prosperous.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor / Lee chang min
    actor / Park seok won
    actor / Kim su min
    actor / Kim seol bean
    actor / Jo su bin
    actor / Kang su hyun
    actor / Hwang Yeon soo
    actor / Kang Ki hyuk
    actor / Shin Moo gil
    actor / Lee Seok jin
    actor / Kim Dong hyun
    actor / Kwon Na hyun
    director / Kim sun kwon
    lighting designer / Park do ha