Non Birthday-party FINDER

  • Running Time :30Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description


    Today is my Birthday-party!
    Two of my best friends are supposed to come over today.
    I dressed up with pretty clothes and prepared delicious dishes.
    I'm really looking forward to it.
    What will happen today?
    Please come to my Birthday-party, too.

    - From, Ally...♥ -

  • Group

    Dancing Ola, Acting Zoy, Directing Yubning, Photojjang Sliver.

    "Keep up the art! Go crazy enough to get sick of it!"

    Four artists with free souls gathered and decided to go crazy about the art.
    March 2021, we made a team that composed of Ola's favorite members.
    In other words, we finally opened the jewelry box that have people who have many talents and wanted to go crazy about the art together.
    So we are gonna aim to communicate with many other artists with a goals that named "We are all Artists."
    We are gonna plan to more study, performances and exhibitions that give a opportunities of enjoy the culture and art for many other people.

  • Performer & Staff

    actor / PARK SOO YEON
    actor / PARK EUN JEONG
    actor / OH YOO BIN
    actor / LEE YOU JIN