Our house creative group Yuri

  • Running Time :90Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    The reading play "My House" shows most of the issues of this era in everyday life. Marriage, child care, conflict, employment, stocks, real estate, life and death. The story of three households divided into three spaces will show their attitude toward how neighbors of each age group are living, what they think, and how they view the world from a contemporary perspective.

  • Group

    We are a group of artists who look unfamiliar at repeated coincidences in their daily lives and enjoy creation and challenge. In 2019, supported by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation's project to support young artists' independence, and started their first work with the creative play "This is Anna's Story." We combine theater, video, vision and music to present various artistic attempts and produce works mainly in experimental spaces such as galleries, cafes, and studios, not standardized theaters. In 2020, Bucheon Art Finding Miro's selected play, "How's Your Shoe," is challenging a new genre of web theater and distributing it through YouTube channels. The creative group 'Yuri' is a theater company that started with two representatives, Yuri and Juwon Ha. And in February 2021, we recruited five members and became a solid group of seven artists. I won't give up my dream during the hard times of Corona 19, and I will walk with pride as an artist.

  • Performer & Staff

    director / Yuri
    assistant director / Choi Hanarim
    video director / Lee Gyuseong
    planner / Hwang Dagyeong
    stage director / Park Junseong
    actor / Ha Juwon
    actor / Kim Nayeong
    actor / Kim Geunyeong
    actor / Pyo Gihun
    actor / Park Minkyung