Sampling: Oh Solitude to ∞ 0 1 i t u d e Sinu Kang

  • Running Time :101Min
  • Rated :All Ages Admitted
  • Description

    I wanted to have a conversation. I wanted to talk with a person. What I could get close to it was listening to the radio and touch the machine. But it wasn't warm. Time went by. Digital is weird that it consists of only 0 and 1. I don't know what's inside. Does time makes everything disappear? Is it everlasting? If I don't wear gorilla costume, I am scared and sad because it looks like gorilla leather. I have to leave here. I packed it already. It will not be forgotten even if it is thrown away. Who would be interested in it if it was put out in the marketplace? It will be exhausted for waiting. I've seen an isolated gorilla. It was bigger than human but lonely and helpless. Some people were brutally murdered trying to protect gorillas. I hate people. I hate me so much.

  • Group

    sinner, hating people hating me is sad

  • Performer & Staff

    dramatically / dramatically
    heart / heart
    actively / actively
    sin / sin
    hurt / hurt
    rich person / rich person
    foreign land / foreign land
    run / run
    day / day
    dream / dream
    punishment / punishment
    love / love
    same same / same same
    special / special
    misunderstanding / misunderstanding
    far away / far away
    night / night
    rain / rain
    snow / snow
    musical / musical
    communication / communication
    if you cry / if you cry
    full of / full of
    we / we
    love / love
    others / others
    pain / pain
    blues / blues
    energy / energy
    you gave it away / you gave it away
    happiness / happiness
    cloud / cloud
    bird eye / bird eye
    hope / hope
    mind / mind
    donation / donation
    pretty child / pretty child
    praise / praise
    mother / mother
    wailing / wailing
    that time / that time
    connection / connection
    twelve times / twelve times
    money / money
    knock / knock
    great pleasure / great pleasure
    please / please
    adaptation / adaptation
    peace / peace
    body / body
    one year / one year
    bidirectional / bidirectional
    empty / empty
    warmth / warmth
    being around / being around
    isolation / isolation
    winter / winter
    crow / crow
    sinu kang / sinu kang
    apes / apes