Human : In front of the end STUDIO 212

  • Running Time :40분
  • Rated :Some material may be inappropriate for under 15
  • Description

    In the play, six characters appear sequentially according to chapter. A, K, Y, B, D, P.
    The six are now on their way to the end.
    K and Y are trapped in an unknown room.
    A. The only remaining humanity in a world where time has stopped.
    D before the death of a beloved B.
    P. Remains alone after defeating enemies in a war alone.
    They start their own story before their own end.

  • Group

    STUDIO212 is a group of creative arts that are not limited to theaters, but are various groups of arts (videos, photos, exhibitions, music, etc.) that are gathered in theaters, with the motto of 'human inner and artistic sense'.

    Although we have been performed in the Daehak-ro with works such as 'Su-in' and 'Tegi' many times, this is the first attempt at a place other than the type of theater. We want to unfold the first challenge on the fringe.

    Please watch and remember STUDIO212's unparalleled artistic behavior.

  • Performer & Staff

    Director / Kwon Oh Youn
    actor / Kim Ji Soo
    actor / Park Se Eun
    actor / Jeon Byung Il
    actor / Kim Gun Soo
    actor / Jang Ha Eun