Marxist Feminist Witch MS.Song from Hell Siberian Tangerine

  • Running Time :80분
  • Rated :No one 18 and under admitted
  • Description

    It's a standing comedy.
    Inside the theater, there will be photos and props of the concept of the "Mr. Song A-young, a Marxist Feminist Witch from Hell" series.

    So here's the base gossip about.

    She is a lesbia, was a North Korean Tourist, an operator of an internet site called Megalia, and a room salon madam who works for men, a huge sadist who enjoys flogging men, and a femme fatale who has a very promiscuous relationship and an uncanny charm that anyone can't help.
    A witch who masturbates with sunflowers and seduces men at the command of the lustful demon behind her back to suck up the energy from men. She is dating a famous male artist, has more than five boyfriends at the same time and is sponsored by a rich, old man. She is a left-wing activist affiliated PD, also a Marxist and very fluent in Russian, so Chinese and North Korean spies tried to approach her, which is why she was a major target of police inspection. In the meantime, after a trip to Europe for money from the South Korean NIS, an aide to a lawmaker of the National Assembly is inspecting her very hard, storing her travel photos on her/his cell phone. But the reason why she lives so quietly is that she is a daughter of a dark family with power and wealth.


    - This work contains a significant amount of sexual portrayal and content.
    - This performance is X-rated. (not available for those under 19 years old) There's a world better not knowing. I want to respect your pure soul as much as possible.
    - This work has a direct description of special sexual orientation (BDSM) and behavior.
    - This work has strong satire on society, religion and patriarchy. If you want to go to heaven, please reconsider your visit. But for those of you who want to get a job in hell with me, I strongly recommend you.

  • Group

    "Cyberian Tangerine," a projective one-man theater troupe by activist Song Ah-young, said, "Peel tangerines in the Siberian field!' is an art creation group that conducts various experimental theater projects that twist social absurdities pleasantly and play with. There are so many people in the world who deserve to be threw in Siberia. For those of you who are tired of their tyranny, especially women, we will deliver a message of true healing, hope and love in a warm and calm way like a Siberian field. With the eyes of women, I blow cool lines like Siberian fields. Your mind will be as fresh as a tangerine in Siberia. And Song Ah-young, the founder and chief of the troupe, is a healing idol star. Welcome to the bubbly Siberian Tangerine, the soviet Siberian Star-Il Healing Company!

  • Performer & Staff

    Writier, directer, actor / Ah Young Song