Human+Environment =? Theater 2 Moments

  • Running Time :35분
  • Rated :No one 18 and under admitted
  • Description

    A couple lives in a remote village. The couple has children. One day, the husband notices that his wife gains weight. The wife confesses that she is pregnant after having an affair. They seek an abortion. However, it fails and gives birth to a baby. The husband is irritated by the presence of the baby. The wife, who feels uncomfortable with her children, leaves alone to her parents’ house. In the meantime, the husband kills the baby. The husband visits his wife and tells her that the baby is dead and come back home.

  • Group

    Theater 2 Moments is a theatre company with the common goal of communication without affectation as present beings at a particular moment specifically among the actors on stage and between the actors and the audience. The company aims to a channel where an actor’s body is present, the actor communicates with the presence of other actors’ bodies in the moment of acting, and the actors and audience communicate. To reach this goal, various experimental exercises are being conducted to build a systematic training system for the actors based on the concept of Somatic Movement. The application of Somatic Movement to the re-creation of existing works and creation of new works will project the company’s thoughts on this type of drama.

  • Performer & Staff

    Artistic Director / Seunghyun Hwang
    Director / Byungsung Jeon
    Actor / Samuel Hwang
    Actor / Eunji Lee
    / Ha young Hong
    / Ha jin Kwan
    / Go Eun Kim
    / Joo Yeun Lee
    / Da Eun Lee