Fringe Art workshop Full of artistic experience

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    Let's take the time to find hidden treasures in the Art Agit-Fringe.

    On a hot summer day, meet an artist in an art agit where you can avoid the scorching sun.
    You can not just sit and watch a performance, but you can your own art with artists.
    It will be a key to opening up the treasure chest of art that can feel difficult.

    meet the world of braille
    by surfactant
    Total age / 10 people|50 minutes
    8/22 (wood)-8/23 (gold) 17:00|T3
    Introducing the Braille World of the Blind. Reading Braille Using Touch,
    We have time to understand each other's world by writing names with Braille.

    Gothumbi Memorial Park Nighthoe
    By mammoth
    Youth Watch / 10 People |50 Minutes
    8/22 (wood)-8/23 (gold) 21:00|T3
    Let's enjoy a safe and laid-back night meeting.
    Some spooky stories and some belongings.
    Let's use things on the table to share! If you don't have a story, you can make it up.

    "Acroyoga Workshop"
    By banana-eating crow
    Full attendance / 30 people|60 minutes
    8/15 (Table) 20:00|T3
    August 17 (Saturday) 20:00|The Grass stage
    An unfamiliar name, Acroyoga.
    That name, Acroyoga, that's hard to get away with when you learn.
    It's time for the team that eats bananas to learn Acroyoga, which they chose as a way to organize big movements.
    Have fun and healing time through Acroyoga.

    a conversation-speech class that will be useful someday when you learn
    By Park Hye Rang
    Full view / 8 people|60 minutes
    August 19 (Month)-8/20 (Flower) 17:00|T3
    We all know the importance of speaking.
    But I don't learn to speak.
    Let's learn to speak lightly.

    I am in my early 20s, and all of my contemporaries are consulted.
    by disturbance
    Youth Watch / 3 people | 45 minutes
    August 17 (Tuesday), August 21 (number) 17:00|T3
    Adults who have lived as adults, now in their early 20s, listen!
    The same age group listens to the three selected participants and accepts questions.
    Lastly, it will present "A Memorial Performance" dedicated to counselors.

    Dance merrily and then stop
    By Im Ki-taek and Kim Ye-il
    Full attendance / 20 people|30 minutes
    8/20 (Flower) 20:00|T5
    8/21 (number) 17:00|T5
    8/22 (neck) 18:00|T5
    I can move. Name. Stop. Nickname. Freely. to have none
    You're called. by means of. fixed You. Designated. It's decided. It's restricted. Light. Call.

    by Collective Roll
    Full attendance / 24/7 participation|20 minutes
    Operate continuously at 8/17 (Tuesday)-8/20 (Flower) 16-18:00
    ※ Preparation: A mobile phone charged 50% or more, with camera or app that can scan a QR code, and earphone.
    The audience will become the Mars rover Spirit and experience the mission.
    While exploring the cultural base T2, it is not clear what will be at the end of the repeated instruction-action-report, but it does its best for now.

    Kirakira Tarorong
    By Topa & Da
    Full attendance / 1 Team 1 2 (Total 4 Teams)|10 Minutes
    8/23 (Friday) 21:00|T5
    August 23 (Tuesday) 17:30|T5
    ※ Look at the taro and drink. Liquor and non-alcoholic beverages are available.
    Worry counseling in all fields under jazz, scented candles and yellow lights
    It's in a quirky, non-disgusting atmosphere.
    You can also return home with a little-me character that you created by drawing your own tarot card.
    All right, Kirakira Tarorong.